Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rest Day.

I'm drafting this blog for several good personal reasons which mostly involve writing as an exercise for my mind.  It's a habit I've never tarried far from in my life; however, these past two years have been my lowest creative output.  As testified earlier, this stagnancy mainly came from the mental switch to empiricism and the demands of dry university work.

This blog has another purpose aside from the autocentric.  It's meant to companion my training as I prepare for the Seattle Marathon on Dec. 1st.  While I am one of the few who will never say that running is boring ( I don't run with headphones or entertainment of any nature), I will say that training for a marathon can certainly be redundant.  In May of 2012 I completed the Idaho Famous Potato Marathon in 3 hours and 48 Minutes. This is my one and only marathon.  Training for the event went very well and my physical limits were never pushed until the race day itself, when I hurt so bad for months that I abandoned running all together.  

This time around I'd like to do it better.  Better not faster.  I could certainly run this event faster than the first if I wanted to...but I'm not certain I want to.  I will run it as fast as pleasure allows.  I want to enjoy the event. Thus the importance of the blog.  I want to track my training.  To log mile after mile in the unique head-space that distance running creates.  I want to capture more than just times and personal records.  I want to put to paper (as the expression goes) the experience as a whole, those individual thoughts, moments, words, and faces that come to your head like herald gifts that don't evolve or change or ask for any greater understanding.  They pose bare before you, begging for your complete understanding of the minutest details. It is good to appreciate the micro before the macro comes back to haunt you.

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