Monday, September 16, 2013

Recovery Run. Thirty Minutes. South Boise Village.

 I was pretty worried that my body wouldn't heal.  Worried I took too much on, put too many places behind me.  We all want to recapture the past, to live within idyllic walls that never stood.  Yesterday I feared it was all over.  My hip had pains that I'd never experienced.  But form and perseverance combined with focused stretching and so, once again, the miles rolled on by.
This is my favorite house in the south boise village.  I've seen the older couple that lives here, I've told them I love their home.  I like to pretend it's the only place they've lived--that they've modified an advent calendar; replaced Santa with temperate climates, and each day over chilled drinks they celebrate a day closer to retirement.

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