Monday, September 9, 2013

An Introduction

Initiate third blog. Personal satisfaction has been quite elusive for me over the past year and a half. With foolish haste I entered back into university after a specter like existence in Korea. I had wanted to study clinical neurospychology. I wanted to do something meaningful, important, greater than my humble roots of calloused hands from late fall harvests. I willfully and quite easily ignored the fact that this tract has a 5% acceptance rate and I had five years worth of undergrad work to complete in order to become a competitive candidate.

 Over these few years I had to set the artist aside. I had to become a scientist. I attached my self to empiricism and forgot the intangible, the collective, the importance of the wind. I also quit running. Call it lack of time, or undue stress. Maybe it can be accredited to the fact that with a new love came a new lifestyle of morning coffee and cigarettes. It was a somber year at best and to say I lost myself would be an understatement. I was meek and attached my deflated hubris to studies I couldn't grasp and molecules I cared less about each passing day.

 The summer was hot and burned the toxins from my body. This blog is meant to be my rising. Born a new, I have something different to say now. My former blog A Poetic Phase no longer fits the man I am. That blog was born of hungover mornings with sipped coffee and inspirational friends. This blog is dedication to the void. The ephemeral state of mind that comes from distance running. A state where time truly drops away, the physical world bares itself before me, and my mind is not handicapped by the future nor the past. I hope this blog to be plentiful; because in order to arrive at the man I want to be, I have miles to wander.

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