Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Long Run. One Hour and Thirty Minutes. Boise Greenbelt.

The thing about training for a marathon is that you have to run.  Regardless of how much sleep you got or what you have to do with your day, you have to get out there and run. My schedule at work has shifted to pandemonium and has had me working ten to thirteen hour days for five days in a row now.  Thus, I've had to squeeze my runs into breaks at work.  This certainly isn't ideal for a long run, because...tired.  Last Sunday I had a two hour break from work, so I went out, without my camera, and logged a shorter long run just so I could stay active.  The run was pleasant but seemed much more like work, due to not being able to stop and take photos.  The run was pressured and I had to continually check my watch to make sure I'd make it back to work in time to work my second shift.  This was not a glamorous run.  There was very little romantic about it.  But, that's the nature of Marathon training.  I have to run, whether I have time or not.

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