Monday, September 9, 2013

A moment of Pracitcality

When talking about running I self identify with this wonderfully concise and identifiable web comic by The Oatmeal. I run in order to enter the void.  I run to exist as the greatest buddhavista do: Entirely in the Moment (and also to justify being entirely lazy afterward).  With my mind slowed, void of thought, the only thing to do is appreciate the world around.  There is beauty lying everywhere, of this I am sure.

This blog is meant to combine my three greatest talents: Running, Writing, and Photography.  On a long run I'll admire for minutes a cloud or tree or any other object (animate or inanimate).  I have begun carrying my girlfriends Nikon Coolpix 310 when out running.  While, the image quality offered is far below my DSLR, the portability was a necessary sacrifice.  I will take photos of apparitions in the void. I will come home, edit these photos,  and write whatever may come from the experience.

The concept is simple, here's to the execution being true.

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