Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pace Run. Forty-Five Minutes. Boise Greenbelt.

Another run jammed into an hour break from work.  Lately, I've been reading marathon training tips from my subscription to Runner's World.  The publication as a whole I find fairly commercial.  I get this feeling that most of the articles are either directly or indirectly pushing me to buy some product in order to improve my splits, run healthier, or dress more appropriately.  I don't really care for any of these tips as mostly I like to run in only my shorts and don't really care about personal records.  However, one article on the many variant marathon training plans available guided me to a single conclusions:  It is very important to run very fast about once a week.  Today I ran faster than I have in a long time.  While my pace was not the fastest pace I've ever been physically capable of (spring 2012 I was in crazy good condition), for my current fitness level, I ran like the proverbial wind.  Running very fast is interesting psychologically.  Every stride away from my work, every step toward the turn around point, is one I know I'll have to take to get back.  I find myself thinking that I'm too far down the greenbelt to be able to turn around and head back.  But, as soon as I hit the half way point and turn around, my mentality changes.  Each step is easier to push myself harder, because I know that the faster I run, the sooner I'll make it home.  Feeling gains in my confidence, I become comfortable with the pace, take joy in running my fastest, and appreciate that the way back home is easier than the road leading from it.

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