Friday, September 27, 2013

Long Run. Two Hours and Fifteen Minutes. Three Bears Trail and Beyond.

 I can't say that I knew what I was getting into.  I followed Three Bears Trail and most of it looked a lot like this.  In total I climbed 2,313 feet.  Nearly half a mile of going up.  But the air was clean today and the wind had a pleasant bite that reminded me that autumn creeps up regardless of personal concern. I could have used something to block the wind. Instead I embraced the climbs, walked seldom but with my pride intact.  Today's long run assayed my abilities.  And I feel I passed well.  My legs don't ache more than they should, my back even less.  My breath was collected for most of this run as well.  Training certainly is advancing well, and with it confidence in myself.
Somethings understand what it means to be out of place.  For all his romantic legacy, Thoreau believed man had no spot this high in nature.  But, me and that ball, we see things a bit more liberally, understand that height is merely correlated with time.
I had to take the color out.  The light was too cruel, too bleak and too flat to allow the boldness of offering relief to the ocular palate.  Imagine a dream where falling incites not only fear but curiosity and this well received meadow is where you learn to trust.

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