Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pre-Race Run. Thirty Minutes. West Kootenai St.

Tomorrow is the City of Trees Half Marathon.  I'm feeling quite apprehensive about the event today.  I worry about my pace and my health.  I worry that I won't run as fast this year as I did last year.  I worry that my knees will shift laterally and my stability will fail and each mile will be worse than the one before.  But that all being said, I know I've done the work.  I've trained intelligently.  I've already completed three half marathons in the past three weeks.  I know my limits of pain and pace and know that regardless of time, tomorrow I will have fun.

I've tapered my miles this week and my body is thankful for it.  I felt stronger on my short run today than I have in weeks.  I've also been eating pretty smart too.   Less candy and crap and more complex carbohydrates.  A few nights ago I baked five pounds of sweet potato souffle and have been joylessly plugging away at it. My glycogen is up, my muscles recovered.  Despite my pre-race anxieties, I really ought to run pretty well.

And now some Arts:

It's nice to know that I'm not the only thing changing. The sky wanted to keep his arboreal friends naive and believing the days of regimented watering cycles were the best they'd ever see.   But, who could stand and contradict the delight of diversity.  Sure, laws of man and nature state that we all must move at a contestant rate.  Here, twenty-five is the law.  Later we learn of Einstein's short sightedness and that when approaching the theoretical limits, great burst of autumn's reds give fuel to the consuming pyre.

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