Sunday, October 20, 2013

Long Run. Two Hours and Forty-Minutes. Boise Green Belt.

 The distance is now becoming more than is natural for my body to go.  In total, I ran a little over sixteen Miles on this run and the first eight was a romantic wandering through the all the beauty that this crisp, colorful Autumn has to offer.  I set out latter in the afternoon and followed a popular dirt path along the river that was canopied by turning leaves of amber, red, and gold. There were dogs and lovers (both young and old) I saw old friends in green waders, fly poles crossed over their shoulders, taking a break from the serene river and the fish to catch up on their weekly affairs.  Life seems to continue on pace regardless of time.  These old man concerned with the mundane, needing to share the unexceptional, just like me at ten, twenty, and thirty.  We all just want to know that the things we do that do not matter (least of all to the greater cosmos), can hold captive a friend so be we return the friendly ear.  There were fathers with sons teaching them the principles of buoyancy, the importance of movement and the skill of disregarding time.  This is what the Autumn has to offer.  A place to step out of time.  We learn here that it is okay to not take ourselves so desperately seriously.  How could we, coming from the summer where all things peak and the best we have to offer seems to sever ourselves from this earth.  Now we see the haughty
fall.  We see the crowned greens shrivel with dehydration and give all it's glory to a dying gasp of light.  But, it doesn't leave us nothing.  It leaves us a subtle warmth on our skin, it gives us the colors of bounty, the remembrance of harvest.  It whispers as a friend that winter is coming and all those gourds need be stored and the wood staked and that soon these colors will be only memories once even the rivers feel too cold to freeze.  But, for now, I don't need to focus on those things.  I Just need to run, to take in this precious place.  To internalize all the love that abounds.  With these things behind me I can continue to run.  To run through the muscle pains and and the tweaked knees.  To push past the hardened achilles and the bruised tarsals. Kinetics are the key to happiness.

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